Your company's customers are our great value!
DialogMarket is a company providing bang-up and much-in-demand solutions for customer support and business processes outsourcing (BPO). Our team know how to bring services that exceed expectations and turn satisfied customers into happy ones due to their considerable practice in this field. We do everything possible to arrange interaction with customers on the highest level of quality and make relationship with them longterm and profitable.

Our resources

  • Powerful IP telephony and flexible CRM system, both developed by our IT department
  • Skillful operators who easily find common ground with customers, feel confident in any situation and always remember about personal approach

Customer support

You get your personal employee who works with your company only.

You decide how many employees are involved with your business.

24-hour support for your clients
All requests are processed in time and in a proper way. We don't have days off and holidays: operators who work with your clients are always at hand.
Multiple communication channels
Choose one or several channels: phone calls, emails, ticket system, live chat or any other system convenient for your company. Whether your customers more often send inquiries via email, or they prefer calls, or other way to connect, each of them receives prompt reply. If you decide to implement our live chat solutions, you get fully-customized design of live chat window blended into your website.
Reporting, statistics and call records
We understand that it is important for you to see a clear picture of operators' work that is why we are ready to provide you with necessary information. Our reports include the following data: number of calls, number of calls received by each operator, call duration, average call duration, average waiting time, number of requests to live chat and its history. The report also has the function to listen to calls records.
Listen to call examples

Remote programmers

Get your own programmer or even a group of programmers for any project you want to implement. DialogMarket delivers exclusive services providing you with experienced programmers of any speciality field who work remotely. We offer many directions including but not limited to web technology and applications, mobile development, PHP, Python, etc. A telecommuting programmer is fully dedicated to the tasks you set before him and you will see the results in full and on time.